Sport Zone

It’s Free for 2018 – Register your attendance for Sport Zone @ Oakville Chilidren’s Festival (click here)

  @ Oakville Children’s Festival – Sunday, July 8, 2018
10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the QE Park Community and Cultural Centre.

Sport Oakville invites you to join us at the annual Oakville Children’s Festival on Sunday, July 8, 2018.  Last year was the second year for Sport Oakville to host the Sport Zone, and the event proved to be a huge success for promoting amateur sport in the community.

The Sport Zone provides an exciting opportunity for local sport organizations to showcase and demonstrate their sport to thousands of children, youth and families (est. 15,000) who attended the event.

Exciting opportunities for inspiration and learning will be offered throughout the park with many activities involving the arts, interactive shows, entertainment, and great food.

We are inviting you to set up an interactive activity (try it outs) to engage participants and showcase the fundamental skills involved in your sport. Interactive activities will have to be simple to facilitate quick and easy flow of children through the area.  i.e., three swings at a T-Ball; 3 soccer ball kicks at a small net; try swinging a cricket bat etc.  There can be displays like sail boats, kayaks, war canoes if practical, or demos of field hockey or sports that are geared towards youth. Setup will have to be complete by 9:00 am and vehicles are allowed back in the park at 5:30 pm for take away.

The Town will also provide tables for booth set up and we are trying to secure as many volunteers as possible to assist us during the event. Also, be advised that the Town may be able to provide some sponsorship funding for any creative presentations or activities that would enhance the overall festival experience.

Note that participants require a Certificate of Insurance naming the Corporation of the Town of Oakville as additionally insured.

Sign up today on the Sport Oakville website and reserve your space at this once a year event. Don’t miss this is a terrific opportunity for your organization to reach out to thousands of potential recruits.

Sport Oakville Contacts:  Art Walford:,  Peter Hoy: