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With no operational funding from the Town of Oakville it is essential that Sport Oakville acquire sponsors to continue our operations and hosting events for the greater good of all sport in Oakville.  Annual Sport Awards event hall rental and medal costs exceed our membership fees which are our only steady source of income.

Benefits of Sponsoring Sport Oakville

  • 32,000+ registered participants in our member clubs represent a large part of our community
  • The annual Sport Awards Event recognizes Oakville’s athletes, teams, coaches and volunteers with a medal ceremony and reception. Oover 200 medals are presented each year and with 500 attendees there also is excellent media coverage.
  • The Sport Zone at the Oakville Children’s Festival at Coronation Park provides club presentations, demonstrations and try-it-out activities to 15,000 visitors.
  • An updated website and social media spreads the message throughout the community.
  • Is there a better way to be recognized in our community than supporting sport of all Oakville?

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