Membership Why Join

Great Reasons You Should Join Today


Sport Oakville offers many reasons for clubs to join and at the top of the list is the Oakville Sport Development Grants with $30,000 available to member clubs with a normal limit of $3,000 for each individual club per year with exceptions possible for extra ordinary requirements.


2017 is the tenth anniversary of our Sport Awards Events where we have presented over 2,000 medals. The annual Sport Awards in the fall provides the opportunity for member clubs to showcase their dedicated athletes, teams, coaches and volunteers. The awards event is a great opportunity to have your club in front of hundreds of guests and the accompanying media reporting. And it is achance to mingle and connect with other clubs during the reception following presentations.

Sport Zone

July brings the free Oakville Children’s Festival (with over 15,000 visitors) and Sport Oakville has our “Sport Zone” where club members promote their sport and run various activities for the kids. Where else can you get this many new parents and community members looking for activities.


Winter is when Sport Oakville has demonstrations and group events to explore current concerns. Sport Injuries including concussion awareness, AED defibrillator training and NCCP certification are some of the free programs presented for both the clubs and the community at large.


Meet other clubs, learn what they are doing to succeed, trade best practices information.


Sport Oakville has very good working relations with elected officials and Recreation Staff and may be of help if needed.

Annual Fees

One of the best investments a club and make in Oakville is to pay for a membership – where else can you apply for a $3,000 grant for such a small fee.

Current yearly fees

$ 25 Individual membership
$100 Club membership
$150 Associate membership