Gary Hudson


David Anderson is a cofounder of Exodus Athletics, a sport marketing company recently relocated to Oakville.  His background and work experience primarily results from his time in the hospitality industry but of late has been going through the transition to more IT related ventures.
Mr. Anderson serves as the project manager and system architect for the company’s primary offering, the exasport network/directory.  The system is an online platform designed to promote sport organizations, people and facilities along with their various programs and events in a single searchable directory.


Peter Hoy


Paul Maida


Art Walford with two daughters playing softball was my introduction to sport in Oakville. Twelve years with Oakville Girls Softball Association kept me busy in various capacities. I was first involved with Sport Oakville from 2002 to 2009 in various roles on the Board of Directors: Treasurer for 2002-2003, Chair in 2004, Past Chair 2005-2006 and Director at Large, 2007-2009.  I rejoined the board in 2010 until the present. Currently being retired I still continue to support community sports opportunities in all areas but especially for the youth of Oakville