Following up on David Haslam’s message regarding – Indoor Winter Turf space in Oakville.

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Dear Sport Oakville Members,
My name is David Haslam, I am past president of Sport Oakville and recently attended the AGM representing the Oakville Crusaders rugby club which I have been involved with for the last 20 years.
I brought up, that is to me, a burning issue facing the vast majority of sports organizations within the community. That is the complete lack of winter indoor playing/practice space available to the vast majority of sports organizations that require it. I am of course referring to indoor turf, not pools or ice which have their own unique demands.
This year celebrates the tenth anniversary of the opening of Pine Glen, the only indoor space in the Town and I was on the initial group supporting the soccer club’s lobbying to get this space. In those ten years that space has been essentially consumed at all peak times by the soccer club with nowhere else to go for anyone else other than Milton, Burlington or Mississauga.
Sport Oakville is and should be, the lead advocate for all the sports organizations to collectively give us the voice and clout of an organization larger than any individual club and should speak for us all. Collectively, I am sure our membership would have much bigger impact than can be presented with the our current fragmented voice. At the AGM, I accepted the role to chair such an advocacy committee that can take this cause to the Town and ensure that we get on the updated Parks and Open spaces plan that is being updated in a matter of weeks.
I am reaching out for firstly some members of the committee to work with me on this project and secondly to gauge and understand the needs, requirements and wish lists of all the sports organizations so we can formulate this together and communicate it to the Town. Unless we do this our voices will be lost and our needs by passed for another ten years.
I look forward to hearing from you.
905 466 7485


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